finanzserviceTFM Fiscal Representation Service
We undertake fiscal representation and handle all related VAT (value AddedTax) liabilities for companies without registered domicile in Switzerland. We keep record of all imports, exports as well as inland transactions and settle VAT liabilities with the Swiss tax office on a quarterly basis. Your benefit: we reclaim paid import taxes and pre-taxes on your behalf and ensure a speedy refund. For further information contact the TFM Service Centre.

TFM Insurance ServiceYour consignments are automatically covered up to a certain liability limit by the international liability regulations of the individual carriers (airlines, shipping companies etc.). However, in most instances, this carrier liability does not fully cover the value of your goods as well as transport costs in case of damage or loss. To be on the safe side, we therefore recommend additional transport insurance for every consignment. On specific instruction, we will cover your consignments on an "ALL RISKS“ basis within our general marine insurance policy. For further details speak to our experts.


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